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Today over at Brain Burps About Books I review Sergio Ruzzier‘s new book, Bear and Bee. Which I love. I love how it’s funny and sweet and lovely, and how it manages to be all these things in very few words. I also mention the new book by Eve Bunting that Sergio Ruzzier illustrated, Have [...]

New reviews: Monster’s Monster and Pirateria

Last week, I reviewed The Monster’s Monster by Patrick McDonnell on Brain Burps About Books. I really love the use of color in this book: In the beginning of the book, when the three little monsters are trying to be bad, the colors are all grey and dark and gloomy. And then, when they build [...]

New review on Brain Burps: Stay: The True Story of Ten Dogs

Today on Brain Burps I review Stay: The True Story of Ten Dogs. This is one of those books that I grabbed without reading it first, because Ramona insists that a certain percentage of our library haul is made up of dog books. We were all completely charmed by this story, and every photo is [...]

New review: hello! hello!

Oh, boy, is this book amazing. You may remember my intense love for Matthew Cordell’s Another Brother. I was so excited to read Cordell’s new book, hello! hello! This book…oh, this book. I’m kind of speechless about how awesome it is (well, not THAT speechless, since my review today on Brain Burps is one of [...]

New Review on Brain Burps: Dear Flyary

You know how sometimes you just kind of randomly grab books at the library, and don’t really screen them until you get home? Sometimes I do that and get weirdos that I quietly hide back in the library bag. And sometimes I get books like Dear Flyary, which are so cute and silly and surprising [...]

New review: Cecil the Pet Glacier

Do you really need me to sell you on a book called Cecil the Pet Glacier? Plus, look at that cover — Giselle Potter’s illustrations are lush and rich, somehow simple and complex all at once. I originally picked this book up because Giselle Potter is the illustrator; her The Year I Didn’t Go to [...]

Super cute alert: Kimochis

Kimochis are so adorable I want to squeeze the bejeebers out of all of them. Including the books (it is totally ok to hug a book). Which I think makes me Huggtopus, the octopus who sometimes gets a little overexuberant with her enthusiastic hugging. Kimochis are cute little dolls with feelings, and there are picture [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: The Scary Places Map Book

I feel like I need a new category for reviews: Books that Are Keeping Henry Unbelievably Occupied, But I Don’t Really Know What They Are. In that category I’d put The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat and Do Not Open and Fantasy: An Artist’s Realm. And now this book: The Scary Places Map Book: [...]

New review: A Strange Place to Call Home

New review today! Check out the Brain Burps About Books podcast to hear all about how the first time I read A Strange Place to Call Home by Marilyn Singer and Ed Young, I had no idea what to do with it. And then how I looked at how much Henry was loving it, just [...]

New Review: Wagons Ho!

I love when Katie puts me in a podcast episode with someone I admire. I know that my review and the interview logically have nothing to do with each other, but, in my head, I like to think of them as “the Jane Wattenberg/Julie Falatko episode” or the “Julie Falatko/Jonah Lehrer episode” (though Jonah Lehrer’s [...]

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