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Photos: this week

The work around here continues to be colored by my knee. Apparently you don’t just have ACL surgery and then hop up the next day to do the hustle. It takes six months before that can happen (and then another six months of intensive dance lessons from Leif Garrett). And so, two weeks (and change) [...]

Latest Innovations in our Household

Remember how I started drinking coffee? And how suddenly I became productive? I know you want to see what exactly all that coffee has led to. Here are three things, in order of how much coffee it took to complete them. 1. (1 cup of coffee) Who knew it was this simple? For years I’ve [...]

Chalkboard Labels on Jars

Sometimes, when life gets completely messy or disheveled, I just need to take one thing, one small thing, and organize it. We had a big fruit-and-nut area that tended to be a mess of Trader Joe’s bags clamped shut with clips. I spent 20 minutes one day putting everything in jars. And then I remembered [...]


I am hesitant to stop my children from playing nicely together, even when the living room looks like this. They are all playing with Legos and making some kind of alien world, and speaking to each other so sweetly. But. Really, children. This is a silly amount of stuff for you to spread on the [...]

Book movers

Annoying thing that toddlers and preschoolers do: “We are playing house,” says Zuzu. I won’t even get into what this means for how they think I do my housekeeping. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Book+movers’; addthis_pub = ”;

We Love Our Firefighters

So. Here is the formula for the Best Day Ever, according to Eli. First, we had a completely normal day. Then, at bedtime, I sent the kids upstairs to get in their pajamas while I cleaned up the dinner dishes. Everyone but Henry ignored me. Henry came downstairs a minute later and said, with only [...]

Plunder the Influence

Hi all! Make sure you check out my awesome neighbor Adriane‘s contribution to the new show, The Storytellers, at the Glickman library. If you’re not in Portland (and even if you are), explore the blog for her project, Plunder the Influence. She asked all kinds of people in her life to submit photos of their [...]

Reusable Produce Bags

I am so embarrassed by how long it took me to buy reusable produce bags. I’ve had reusable grocery bags for years now, so why was it only this month that it dawned on me to get produce bags too? Maybe I was waiting for the market to be full of options. Seriously, how many [...]

Real Simple Bathroom Cleaning Method

A month or two ago, Real Simple published a guide on how to clean your bathroom in five minutes. It’s a handy little check-off list (in my head I read that as a Chekhov list, which is something else entirely). Now, I have some major problems with some parts of the list (namely, the use [...]

Random Product Endorsement: Frigoverre Glass Containers

Ok, so a few months ago Real Simple did an organizing thing on some woman whose fridge was a disaster. (I think I only know two people whose refrigerators aren’t disasters.) (I’m not one of them.) The article recommended getting Frigoverre round glass containers to hold produce that you wash and cut up when you [...]

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