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You have entered Level Three of Parenthood.

Many mornings, when I am wrestling my kids into snowpants, and some of them are still in pajamas and the bus will be here in 2 minutes, and one of them is singing so loudly I can’t hear what the other one is crying about, I know for sure that I am doing it wrong. [...]

Once Every 6 Months, I’m a Fun Mom

Though this meal could also be called “how to disguise the fact that you have only bread ends for lunch.” addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Once+Every+6+Months%2C+I%26%238217%3Bm+a+Fun+Mom’; addthis_pub = ”;

Welcome, Lia

I am so completely riveted by my cousin Christina’s blog right now. She’s in China right this minute, meeting her new daughter, Lia. The photos of China are amazing, and I can’t tear myself away from today’s post, where they meet Lia (finally!) and bring her back to the hotel, even though it makes me [...]

How to Night Wean

Somehow, over the years, the question of how I’ve night weaned my kids has come up. Usually some extremely sleep-deprived mom says, “I think I need to night wean. How did you do it?” while sounding like she’s on the edge of tears. So! Here is what I did for all four of my kids, [...]

Random Product Endorsements: Gadgety Timers

I find, when parenting, that a lot of kerfuffle can be avoided if you foist limits and rule setting onto someone or something else entirely. I especially like to foist the responsibility onto battery-operated gadgets. Then I can say, “Don’t blame me! The clock says it’s time to go!” Here are some things that work [...]

Twelve Annoying Things (My) Kids Do

Walk one centimeter behind me. Use markers in a manner which is potentially harmful to the walls and furniture. Fake cry. They think it’s hilarious. “Help” by “refolding” the laundry. I let this one go because I feel like one day it will turn into actual helping by actually folding the laundry, but I can [...]


You know, I just don’t get it when our kids act like we’re the meanest parents on earth. Like we’re such horrible monsters for making them clean up their messes, or for not biting or hitting each other. Now, at least, when the boys act up, I’m going to pull this out: “Hey, remember when [...]

On putting myself closer to the top of the list

So, yesterday you may have noticed Eli’s nice little cozy bed. It’s in what is currently our newly-redone attic. Dave spent months finishing our attic (best part: super-insulating the roof-line, which made such an enormous difference I can’t even tell you). This room is a masterpiece. It’s gorgeous (for some reason I can’t find a [...]

Time Change = Impending Doom?

Experiment for this week: put the kids to bed about ten minutes earlier every night, so that by Sunday they’ll be going to bed at the “right” time. Have any of you tried this before? I hope it works! addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Time+Change+%3D+Impending+Doom%3F’; addthis_pub = ”;

This scenario, at least once a day

One of the boys fiddling with something breakable. Julie: Stop fiddling with that. It’s going to break. Boy continues fiddling. Julie: I said stop. That’s going to break. Fiddling continues. Julie: Hello! Over there! STOP! It’s going to BREAK! Other boy comes in and starts fiddling with breakable item. Julie takes breakable item away. Julie: [...]

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