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In a Pickle

Dear Children: In the future, please do not pin pickles to the bulletin board. We are not amused. Signed, The Management P.S. Ok, we’re slightly amused. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘In+a+Pickle’; addthis_pub = ”;


I am hesitant to stop my children from playing nicely together, even when the living room looks like this. They are all playing with Legos and making some kind of alien world, and speaking to each other so sweetly. But. Really, children. This is a silly amount of stuff for you to spread on the [...]

I’ve turned over all disciplining to the dog

Ok, so, first of all, my mom has a blog. Check her out! Mostly she updates on her own life (as she should) but there are occasionally World of Julie updates as well (that is, updates about me and my brood). The latest one was hilarious. While I went to the first grown-up movie in [...]

Twelve Annoying Things (My) Kids Do

Walk one centimeter behind me. Use markers in a manner which is potentially harmful to the walls and furniture. Fake cry. They think it’s hilarious. “Help” by “refolding” the laundry. I let this one go because I feel like one day it will turn into actual helping by actually folding the laundry, but I can [...]

Christmas countdown meltdown

I should know better than to try to run an errand after school. I took the kids to Broadway Gardens to get paperwhite bulbs at around 4:00, which involved 1. Eli almost peeing his pants 2. Henry disappearing while Eli was peeing in employee bathroom. 3. Finding Henry, and then losing Zuzu as she kept [...]


Every summer day brings out more animal in the children. Seriously, I know dogs who are more sophisticated than this. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Nibblers’; addthis_pub = ”;

More birthday baked goods: peanut butter crispy bars

A week ago, on my birthday, Eli and I decided to do some birthday browsing at our local bookstore, which is something we haven’t done in forever. I was feeling all birthday-happy and decided to get the boys some stickers. They love stickers so much but they’re so fleeting. It’s like 20 minutes of intense [...]

Oh, that’s right! I DO have good kids!

The other day at kindergarten pickup there was a mom next to me who gave the teacher a look like, “Well? How was he?” and the teacher good-naturedly shook her head and then told the mom that she had to put her son in timeout several times. Again. I have to admit that it never [...]

Return of the Bad Seed

The Bad Seed is back. Two days ago he was riding his scooter around my driveway (scooter? that’s what those things are called, right? the two-wheeled skateboardy thing with a big handle?) (worst description of an object ever, sorry). I gave him stinkeye the whole time, and Henry very helpfully told him, “I’m not allowed [...]

Brer Rabbits

There is a roving posse of kids in my neighborhood. Most of them are fine, nice kids, though they’re all older than Henry and Eli, so sometimes their play styles don’t quite mesh (see above: “roving posse”). There’s one in particular, though, who is a certified Bad Kid. His older brother broke into a car [...]

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