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Snappsy Updates

Work on Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) continues to move forward. I am so excited at every step of the way! I just really feel so super lucky that I’m in this spot. My story about a normal alligator and a meddling narrator will someday be a real book [...]

I have an illustrator!

If you’re not involved at all in the publishing world, it might be surprising how much waiting you do when making a book. If you are in the publishing world, it’s still kind of surprising. It’s a lot of waiting: waiting for people to read your words, to fix your words, to find someone to [...]

New Review: MOONDAY by Adam Rex

Anyone who knows me knows what huge Adam Rex fans we are here. We read everything he has any part in (just the other day we were reading his discarded to-do lists for a bedtime story) (not really) (but we would if we could). So I was so glad that Adam somehow managed to schedule [...]

New Review: The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli

You know what I love doing? Audio reviews for the Brain Burps podcast. I have so much fun writing and reading them. I didn’t do any allllll summer long, because it turned out it was hard to write with everyone home this summer, and also I couldn’t ever figure out how to record a review [...]

New review: Grumpy Goat by Brett Helquist

First of all, I love grumpy picture book characters. Right off I am likely to love  your book if your main character is annoyed, grumpy, naughty, or a little mean. But this goat, with his indiscriminate kicking, harumphing and antisocial behavior really worked his way into my heart. Love him. And love this story, and [...]

We Love Picture Books!

A week ago, we were lucky enough to be featured on Candlewick’s year-long We Believe in Picture Books video project! Want to know what books we’re grabbing for? They are, in order: Baby Penguins Everywhere by Melissa Guion Hello! Hello! by Matthew Cordell The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli The Pet Project by Lisa Wheeler, [...]

New Review on Brain Burps: How to Be a Cat

This week on Brain Burps About Books I review How to Be a Cat by Nikki McClure. I am so in love with the cut paper illustrations in this book, the simple text, the use of white space, and the cats’ expressions most of all. This book is gorgeous. You can hear my review on [...]

New review on Brain Burps: Andrew Henry’s Meadow

Today over on Brain Burps I review Andrew Henry’s Meadow by Doris Burn, which is one of my favorite new books. New to me, I should say. The book isn’t new at all. It’s 45 years old. Were you lucky enough to read this book when you were a kid? We just recently discovered it [...]


Today over at Brain Burps About Books I review Sergio Ruzzier‘s new book, Bear and Bee. Which I love. I love how it’s funny and sweet and lovely, and how it manages to be all these things in very few words. I also mention the new book by Eve Bunting that Sergio Ruzzier illustrated, Have [...]


I am so, so excited to announce that I am now represented by the amazing Danielle Smith at Foreword Literary! Do you know Danielle? She’s runs a book review site called¬†There’s a Book, where I saw that she has essentially the exact same taste in children’s literature that I do. And so when she became [...]

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