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Sleepy Bunny to the Rescue

Once upon a time, there was a tired baby. Or a cranky baby. Or whining baby. And she received the gift of a soft, floppy, lavender-filled bunny. And that bunny brought such immediate unmistakable relief to the baby. Something about this bunny, I tell you, resonates deeply with children. Ramona will be crying, and then, [...]

Le Moustache

Thank you, Sutswana, for the Best Birthday Gift Ever. See, Eli’s already well on his way to having that full beard by kindergarten. This also makes me think that anything from I Made You a Beard would be an excellent birthday present (especially if my children continue with the gnome obsession). Though I will say [...]

Christmas Presents I’m Most Excited About

Here’s what I’m excited to see the kids open in a week: I got Zuzu this Penelope Peapod doll, and I have to say it’s adorable. I have been on the fence about getting her a doll; she’s pretty into trucks and things, but she does love to cuddle with stuffed animals like they’re little [...]

Ok, no need to freak out now

Today is October 1. You know what that means, don’t you? Only 91 shopping days until Christmas.  Ok, 91 days actually seems like a lot, but what you need to do is to plan now, right now, to make this Christmas less insane than it has been in years’ past. First, eliminate anyone from your [...]

Zuzu’s new birthday toy

It’s really hard to figure out what to get your third child for her first birthday. She’s got everything she needs, and she’s not actually going to remember if she doesn’t get anything. But I felt guilty about that and decided I need to get her something. I finally decided that she needs a little [...]

Perfect little utensils

I love the Let’s Explore blog, and her shop too. Before the last road trip I got some dinosaur and bird rubbing plates as road trip surprises. I will say that those were kind of a bust; the boys just weren’t into them. BUT! As part of some Earth Day special, we got free Bambu [...]

22 Hours in the Car? Piece of Cake!

So last week, while you were all reading up on a week’s worth (more or less) of book recommendations, the five of us at World of Julie were packed into the car and driving down to Maryland and back, to visit Dave’s parents. I have a lot to tell about it, and will probably spend [...]

Marble Run

So far the most-played-with toy from Christmas has been the HABA Marble Run. Henry has literally wanted a marble run for his entire life. For years, whenever we go into a store that had one, he’d play for it for the entire time, and would have to be dragged away. If we ever got a [...]

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