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Weekend fun: launching rockets

So Dave built model rockets with the boys. Of course they were super excited about it. What I didn’t expect was how exciting I would think it was. It’s the sort of thing where you can’t really help but jump up and down and scream, “Yay!” addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Weekend+fun%3A+launching+rockets’; addthis_pub = ”;


Tuesday the kiddos and I went to Pineland Farms for a butter-making workshop. Because, really, why wouldn’t we go meet cows, milk them, and then make butter to take home? We also got to take a trolley to the cow barn, which was a fun surprise. Except when the clueless 11-year-old knocked Zuzu down while [...]

Triumphant Return of DRIVE BY PRESS

Remember Eli and his most awesome Mexican wrestler shirt? Now you have another chance to get your own! This Friday (tomorrow, April 2) at MECA, from 5-8 p.m., in front of the Porteous Building at 522 Congress Street. Here’s the poster, featuring Eli! Thanks, Adriane! addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Triumphant+Return+of+DRIVE+BY+PRESS’; addthis_pub = ”;

Easter Eggs

We branched out a bit in our Easter egg designs this year. Rather than doing our usual rubber band designs, we got all inspired by this month’s Martha Stewart magazine and used electrical tape to make patterns (ok, Martha really mostly says to buy some kind of craft-store adhesive vinyl, but it was clear it [...]

70s Craft Revival: God’s Eye Weaving

A few Sundays ago, Henry suddenly looked up from his close examination of my childhood copy of Steven Caney’s Playbook and announced, “I want to try God’s Eye weaving.” Well, he was just lucky enough to catch me in a good mood, and to want to do a craft we had all the supplies for [...]

The Leprechaun’s Walk

Once again, the Let’s Explore Blog came through with a great activity! Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, Amy offers up a free downloadable book called “The Leprechaun’s Walk.” You print it out, and then your kids fill out where the leprechaun walks to (“over the ________________, around the ______________” etc.) and draw accompanying [...]

Photo drawings

Inspired by an ancient kid craft book from my own childhood, Henry begged me for days to take photos so he could make them into photo drawings. I finally had a minute to take a bunch of photos and print them out, and it was totally worth it. While he didn’t make anything amazing, he [...]

Zoo Maps

And yet again the Let’s Explore blog provided us with a fantabulous activity: creating zoo maps. You print out some zoo maps, and have your children use them as inspiration to create their very own zoo. I printed out the zoo maps she recommended, explained the basic concept to the boys, and let them go. [...]

More Resel

This, right here, is why I don’t understand how single parents manage. If it were just me, who would be the kids’ wrestling partner? I am no good at wrestling with the children. Any time I try I end up just hugging them and tickling them, which is not what they want at all. Or, [...]

Count up your house

Once again Amy from Let’s Explore provides us with an awesome little activity. She made up a downloadable sheet where kids can go through their home and count how many of each item (chairs, windows, bathtubs) there are. I don’t know about your kid, but Henry was so excited about this he could hardly stand [...]

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