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Eli’s secret book box

So the other morning I woke up to find Eli at the dining room table hacking away at The Complete Works of William Shakespeare with a razorblade. I think I passed out. Around the time I got up off the floor, he’d abandoned the Shakespeare (“these pages are too old”) and moved on to The [...]

Chalkboard Labels on Jars

Sometimes, when life gets completely messy or disheveled, I just need to take one thing, one small thing, and organize it. We had a big fruit-and-nut area that tended to be a mess of Trader Joe’s bags clamped shut with clips. I spent 20 minutes one day putting everything in jars. And then I remembered [...]

Sewing School

This, my friends, is what homeschool is about for me. I can pick an activity that interests us all — learning to sew — and we can spend days and days figuring it out. We got this great book called Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make by Amie Plumley and Andria [...]


There’s a week and a half before the official baby due date, but things are definitely Happening down there. The baby’s head is incredibly low, which is apparently unusual for a not-first baby (which makes no sense to me). Her head is so low that when I got checked yesterday, the midwife couldn’t get around [...]

70s Craft Revival: God’s Eye Weaving

A few Sundays ago, Henry suddenly looked up from his close examination of my childhood copy of Steven Caney’s Playbook and announced, “I want to try God’s Eye weaving.” Well, he was just lucky enough to catch me in a good mood, and to want to do a craft we had all the supplies for [...]

Summer Jar: Make Your Own Monsters

Without a doubt, my favorite Summer Jar activity was making our own stuffed animal monsters. We got the instructions from Craft, which were blissfully straightforward. First, the boys drew pictures of what they wanted their monsters to look like. Henry drew a wacky elephant thing, and Eli drew a rectangle with a belly button. Then [...]

Summer Jar: Cardboard Stool

The biggest failure from the Summer Jar was making a cardboard stool from Or, I guess it depends on how you look at it. The final result was a failure, but the process had some good points. This ended up being a project that didn’t have much to do with the kids. The idea [...]

My first finished knitting in more than four years

Well, my recent dive back into knitting has produced its first finished object: a scarf made out of Patons Pooch. It’s pretty fuzzy and cuddly. Zuzu picks it up and holds it while sucking her thumb if her blankie is unavailable. Henry has been wearing it as a belt. I started this scarf years ago, [...]

Multicolored crayon blocks

Another summer jar activity: make multicolored crayon blocks out of runty crayon remnants. I saw it in Scholastic magazine. You all should do this today; it took no time at all and the kids thought it was magic. First take all your little stupid crayon bits, and put them in a muffin tin. Oh, no [...]

Gingerbread House

Here’s how the gingerbread house making went: First, we went to the Old Port Candy Co. to get candy. I figured this was better than getting giant bags of 12 different candies at the grocery store and then having leftovers. So we were able to get individual gummy lobsters and little licorice allsorts. We still [...]

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