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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat and be thankful! I’ll leave you with this kindergarten oddity. It was in Henry’s backpack. His only explanation was to state the obvious: “It’s a turkey, and it says, ‘I survived!’” Was it part of some game? Or just one more activity that is leading to Henry’s eventual vegetarianism? Have a [...]

Henry’s world view

Such a classic five-year-old view: Henry’s the one on the left, the one who is so huge that he is busting out of the box. Dave, who is 6’3″, is on the right. I’m the with long hair and the big nose in the middle. Eli is the short one next to giant Henry (in [...]

Just doing the normal boring quintessential crafts here at World of Julie

Sometimes I get fixated on some kid craft that I feel like we have to do, or we’re not properly celebrating the season or whatever. Last year it was a gingerbread house (stay tuned next month, I’m sure another one is in the works, against my better judgment), this year it was peanut butter birdseed [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: Turk and Runt

Turk and Runt: A Thanksgiving Comedy by Lisa Wheeler, Illustrated by Frank Ansley This is a very silly book, from the same geniuses who brought us Wool Gathering, our most favorite book of sheep poems ever. Some turkeys on a turkey farm completely misunderstand why all those people are coming to buy them every year, [...]

Story Room

Well, maybe all those letters on the wall are influencing the kids after all. This week Henry suddenly declared that the living room was a Story Room. He set to work outlining and cutting out 18-inch-high letters, and then instructed me on how to tape them to the wall to make words. Now, being only [...]

Cranberry Muffins

While we do all start to freak out in Maine as autumn dwindles, since we’re all smelling snow in the air and our snowblowers are taunting us from their shed homes, the season does have advantages for baking. Because who would make pumpkin pie in July? It wouldn’t be right at all. Likewise, cranberries. Eli [...]

Just what you wanted: homework!

Attention, World of Julie Readers! (All 12 of you!) A call to action! A ridiculous, random, call to action! Henry’s class is studying geography in December. Being December, the geography unit also has a gingerbread theme. I guess the class is going to make a gingerbread man, and then bring him to the school kitchen [...]

Get those forks ready!

When Dave and I lived in Maryland, we used to have a Stretch Your Stomach party on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the idea being to prep your belly for the upcoming Thursday gorge-fest, and also to have a relaxed gathering free of any familial angst or baggage. This year, we suddenly realized that our neighborhood [...]

Awesome Goodwill Score

I managed to score an Anna Sui for Anthropologie dress, in my size, at our local Goodwill. For $7!! Judging by the closest style currently at Anthropologie, this dress cost somewhere around $250 new. Of course, I won’t actually be able to wear it for about three years, until I finish nursing. If I wore [...]

Initial here, and here, and here

I’ve never been much for monogrammed things (too Alex P. Keaton). But then I had kids, and somehow became completely obsessed with putting giant initials on the walls. Just search on eBay for “sign letter” or “vintage sign letter” and you can find all sorts of nifty old letters from movie marquees and Midwestern gas [...]

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