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Gingerbread House R.I.P.

At long last, the gingerbread house is stale and done. I’m so glad to get my wooden tray back. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Gingerbread+House+R.I.P.’; addthis_pub = ”;

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You

Once again, Eli is making his preference known regarding all matters birthday. Henry: How many days until Eli’s birthday? Julie: Twelve. Eli: I don’t want a birthday. Julie: No party? Eli: No. Julie [expressing deep relief]: Any special food you want to eat on your birthday? Eli: Peanuts. Julie: How about peanut butter cupcakes? Eli: [...]

Layers of Cake

Yes, well, as Sarah pointed out, what do we do about the baked goods? First I read about Pear and Bittersweet Chocolate Cake on Smitten Kitchen and I became this baking zombie where I walked, trance-like, into the kitchen, and basically didn’t snap out of it until the cake was all done. Because, I mean, [...]

Body + Soul Challenge: Day 23

Right now we’ve got giant snow mountains everywhere (outside, that is, my house hasn’t gotten so bad that we have mountains of snow inside, yet). It seems to be physically impossible for Henry to walk on the ground. He needs to climb the snow mountains and navigate his way to school from as great a [...]

But which toilet flushes Legos and plastic dinosaurs best?

The big excitement of this past weekend was the installation of a new toilet in our downstairs bathroom. Our downstairs bathroom is one of the areas we can show people when we want to show how much work we (Dave) have done on the house, since it’s pretty indicative of the state of our house [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: The Little Fisherman

The Little Fisherman by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar These days in our house, a good measure of a children’s book is how quickly and totally it gets adapted to everyday play. There are some books that are read and absorbed and maybe even discussed, and then there are the Really Good and [...]

Saturday Zuzu

As Eli says, “She’s so cheekable.” addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Saturday+Zuzu’; addthis_pub = ”;

Waiting for the Dinner Bell to do the bell thing.

Not long ago, Henry and Eli became obsessed with “Dinner Bell” by They Might Be Giants. After listening to the song approximately three billion times, they secretly conferred and then came to me wondering, “What is a dinner bell?” This led, happily, to my mom bringing us my grandmother’s old dinner bell. Now, most nights [...]

More mess, piles of messes, big messes, little messes. Make it stop!

You know it’s bad when you have the urge to stop in the middle of dealing with your children, say, “Wait right here!” and go consult all your parenting self-help books. What exactly was I supposed to do? I hadn’t slept at all the night before, between teething Zuzu and continues-to-scream-out-for-me-every-night Eli. The boys were [...]

Another snow day

We got dumped with another foot (more?) of snow on Sunday. It’s getting to the point where the kids can barely walk through it. I love that Henry plays as much on the playset in the winter as he does in the summer. And Eli can shovel all day long (which is actually really helpful). [...]

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