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“Mom” business cards

This is an idea I think I would have written off as cheesy not too long ago, but since I saw the Mommy Business Cards at Many Little Blessings, I’ve run into about six situations where they’d come in handy. Today, after telling, and respelling, my email address to a carpenter, I finally sat down [...]

Oh Nap Fairy, you are a cruel mistress

Another visit from the Nap Fairy today. This time she had even more of a sense of humor. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Oh+Nap+Fairy%2C+you+are+a+cruel+mistress’; addthis_pub = ”;

Road Trip: the rest

I realize you all probably don’t want three weeks of road trip blow-by-blow, so I’m going to try to wrap it up today. First off, I’ve got to say that if you want an ego boost, you should take your children to a retirement community. We couldn’t walk ten feet without having people go completely [...]

Surprise Visit from the Nap Fairy

Of course Zuzu was wide awake and eating mail. And of course Eli fell out of the chair about three minutes after I took the photo. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Surprise+Visit+from+the+Nap+Fairy’; addthis_pub = ”;

Road Trip Stop #2: Camden Aquarium

After stopping for the night in Cranbury, New Jersey (motto: Farmland, with Random Office Parks in Between!), we wanted something to do in the morning before completing our way to Maryland. I did something I’ve never done before, and picked up a bunch of pamphlets from the tourist pamphlet rack in the hotel lobby (pamphlet [...]

Road Trip Stop One: Dinosaur State Park

The first stop on our road trip to Maryland was Dinosaur State Park, which is south of Hartford, Connecticut. In 1966, builders who were excavating for a building discovered thousands of dinosaur tracks. Instead of building the building, they smartly enclosed the tracks under a geodesic dome, and the State Park is underneath. Dinosaur State [...]

22 Hours in the Car? Piece of Cake!

So last week, while you were all reading up on a week’s worth (more or less) of book recommendations, the five of us at World of Julie were packed into the car and driving down to Maryland and back, to visit Dave’s parents. I have a lot to tell about it, and will probably spend [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: Trout, Trout, Trout (A Fish Chant)

Trout, Trout, Trout (A Fish Chant) by April Pulley Sayre, illustrated by Trip Park I have a thing for rhyming books, I have a thing for silliness, and I have a thing for lush, colorful illustrations. Trout, Trout, Trout has all three. (I also have a thing for graphic, blocky, brightly-colored illustrations and Ernest-Shepard-style pencil [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: Make a World

Ed Emberley’s Make a World by Ed Emberley This book might be Henry’s most essential book, his desert island book. Sometime last year (I think it was when we were doing a massive decluttering/rearranging of space in anticipation of Zuzu’s birth), I ran across my childhood copy of this book, and I knew Henry would [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: Half of an Elephant

Half of an Elephant by Gusti If one were to give, say, The Missing Piece to a prospective suitor in an attempt to say, “Maybe we should get together,” one might give Half of an Elephant to a significant other as a passive-aggressive way of saying, “I think we should take a break.” The basic [...]

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