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You Weekly Zuzu plus bonus Henry

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Oh, how I envy this kid

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Camp Jar

I am completely drooling over the Family Summer Center featured on Craft. The basic idea is to have a family camp of sorts, and to plan out your summer activities. I love the organization and the planning, plus the beautiful crafty calendar center. The thing is, though, I totally don’t have time to put something [...]


Let’s say that you go to the dump, and then on the way back you suddenly have a mild panic attack because you realize you hard boiled all the eggs for egg salad sandwiches, meaning there are no eggs, and you were thinking of making brownies. Because you get no sleep and chocolate is your [...]

Try on everything in your closet

I was completely inspired by Michelle Slatalla’s recent column about cleaning out her closet. The idea is to try on every single item in your closet, get rid of things that don’t look good, and then I guess reconsider everything that does look good, so that you think about wearing that fancy velvet blazer with [...]

Cherry Shortbread Cookies

These cherry shortbread cookies are from a December Rachael Ray Everyday magazine I picked up at the free magazine table at the library. There is a whole spread of holiday cookies (Julie’s motto: who needs a holiday to make holiday cookies?). These cherry shortbread cookies have the tagline “least likely to screw up.” While I [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: How Robin Saved Spring

How Robin Saved Spring by Debbie Ouellet, illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli This is a completely lovely modern folk tale, one of those “how the zebra got its stripes” kinds of books, but with better illustrations. Lady Winter lives in a house with Sister Spring. When one of them is having her season, the other one [...]

Etsy: Eternally Chic

Oh my goodness, I just love that there are people on Etsy who are tooling leather belts, and especially that Eternally Chic is doing them in these gorgeous 1970s designs that I seriously think I’ve been searching for in thrift shops for roughly my entire life. I am in love with these belts. (What is [...]

Etsy Shop Re-opening

All my shirts are now back home after their brief vacation in the Rise Gallery Wearable Art Show (where, thankfully, a few of them did find new homes). And so now I’m actually working to get every last shirt in my inventory up in my Etsy shop. Hurray! Huge huge thanks to my family (Dave, [...]

Madcap Capers

[Preliminary note to Anne: prepare yourself for capers.] Zuzu is obsessed with the refrigerator (in the manner of all crawling babies since refrigerators were invented) (before that crawling babies were obsessed with the root cellar). If I open it, she moves across the room in half a second, flings the door wide, and starts exploring. [...]

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