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Summer Jar on Better Way Moms!

Hey everyone…I’ve got an article on Better Way Moms about the Summer Jar. Go read! addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Summer+Jar+on+Better+Way+Moms%21′; addthis_pub = ”;

So maybe you only have 8 minutes

My summer exercise program usually consists of trying to get outside for a walk, or, on days when the planets align, a run. Since it has rained every day in June (and we’re almost at July), I’ve been forced to continue my winter exercise routine of workout videos, mostly the 30 Day Shred. But you [...]

Childrens’ Book of the Week: Plimouth Plantation books

Samuel Eaton’s Day Sarah Morton’s Day Tapenum’s Day by Kate Waters, photos by Russ Kendall For some reason, recently, Henry and I got to talking about New England, where we live, and about colonial times, and just when I was about to start getting nostalgic for colonial times, as though I’d actually lived through them, [...]

Is the Portland Museum of Art intentionally anti-family?

Thursday the summer jar told us to go to the Portland Museum of Art. I’d put it in the jar because I haven’t been in a few years, and I wanted the kids to see all that art right there in our own town, I thought it might be inspiring, and I thought it might [...]

Summer jar so far

I’m sure you’re all desperate to know what’s been happening with our summer jar since we started it a little over a week ago. I will say that it’s odd how anxious I get each morning when we pull that day’s activity. But so far all has been great. Day 1 we picked “Visit an [...]

Whoopie Pies for a Soggy Solstice

What better time to try a new cookie than at a solstice party (even if it was the zillionth rainy day in a row)? (Ok, I realize that this is yet again just a ridiculous justification for cookie baking.) We were going to Marcus and Lisa‘s for a solstice party, and I’d promised to bring [...]


Dave’s birthday is in January. So if I think of a good gift for him in late Spring, I’ve either got to wait 7 months, or come up with some other occasion. And so it was that I decided to make Dave bitters for Father’s Day. He’s not my father, and giving an alcoholic accessory [...]

Polenta with green beans and mushrooms

There is a reason I don’t usually take photos of the good dinners I make. Tasty dinners are often kind of ugly, plus the lighting at night is just awful and it makes the food look even uglier. But, knowing that, I took a photo of this anyway, and I’m telling you about it, because [...]

Childrens’ Books of the Week: Elephant and Piggie

Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems Ok, I am so embarrassed to admit that I only learned a few weeks ago that Mo Willems, author of the wonderments of Knuffle Bunny and the Pigeon books, has written a series of Easy Readers. Of course he has. Who better than Mo Willems to understand the [...]

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