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My first finished knitting in more than four years

Well, my recent dive back into knitting has produced its first finished object: a scarf made out of Patons Pooch. It’s pretty fuzzy and cuddly. Zuzu picks it up and holds it while sucking her thumb if her blankie is unavailable. Henry has been wearing it as a belt. I started this scarf years ago, [...]

Multicolored crayon blocks

Another summer jar activity: make multicolored crayon blocks out of runty crayon remnants. I saw it in Scholastic magazine. You all should do this today; it took no time at all and the kids thought it was magic. First take all your little stupid crayon bits, and put them in a muffin tin. Oh, no [...]

Gra! No! La!

There was a recipe in the New York Times a week or so ago for granola, and the whole pre-recipe descriptor was so drool-worthy that I’m surprised it took me this long to try it. Recipe author Melissa Clark went to some fancy little shop where people were forming an unruly mob around the granola [...]

Summer Jar: Popsicles

Another recent Summer Jar task was making popsicles. I got a popsicle mold years ago, before I had kids even, I think (maybe in an attempt to make a healthier dessert?). We don’t bring it out nearly often enough. First we made a simple syrup (heat equal parts sugar and water in a saucepan, boil, [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: Wool Gathering

Wool Gathering: A Sheep Family Reunion by Lisa Wheeler, pictures by Frank Ansley Good grief, I’ve been completely neglectful of poetry books here, haven’t I? I think maybe it’s because — and this is a little hard for me to admit — I’m kind of all over the map on poetry. Some days I want [...]

Appropriate Attire

Does the middle of July say “snowpants” to anyone but Eli? addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Appropriate+Attire’; addthis_pub = ”;

Your Weekly Zuzu

She just gets more delectable every day. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Your+Weekly+Zuzu’; addthis_pub = ”;

Decluttering Mom Psychologically Damages Preschool Son

Two-year-old Neighbor Boy: Look what I have! [shows off stuffed animal] Eli: Yeah, I used to have something like that. I once had something like that, but then my mom threw it in the garbage. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Decluttering+Mom+Psychologically+Damages+Preschool+Son’; addthis_pub = ”;

Recent Goodwill Scores

A few weeks ago I went into Goodwill looking for capri pants, since my only capri pants were sad and stained (well, ok, one pair was sad and stained, and the other pair fits fine if I’m standing but if I do something as daring as sitting or, heaven forbid, squatting, I show the entire [...]

Summer Jar: Try a New Food

Last week the Summer Jar told us to try a new food (the Jar told us this the day after we’d gone to the farmers’ market and eaten sour cherries and Italian broccoli greens for the first time, but apparently the Jar thinks we still weren’t being adventurous enough). So we went to the store [...]

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