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Bon Mots from Eli

“Mommy,” [lovingly pats my belly], “Your belly is getting bigger and bigger!” “Mommy, your hair is so pretty. I like that it’s two of my favorite colors: brown and silver.” “When I’m bored, I pick my nose.” “Today, I’m a guy named Barney Burnrobber.” addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Bon+Mots+from+Eli’; addthis_pub = ”;

Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

I’ve recently added these cheddar cheese biscuits into our usual protein/veggie/starch rotation, because I was getting a little tired of corn bread (and everyone loves rice but it always results in a sticky rice explosion that means I spend my after-meal time scrubbing the floor with a wet dishcloth). The original recipe was in that [...]

Giant Tomato

Henry was so excited to pick out this giant tomato from the “seconds” bin at Olivia’s Organics stall at the farmers’ market.* Little did he know that an over-zealous little sister would nosh on most of it while I was making dinner.** *Henry had been eating cherries, which is why he has red spots all [...]

Get paint to match your Hardieplank siding

Ok, this is not the type of thing I normally post about at all, but I wish I had been able to find this information before I figured it out for myself. We’re (slowly) residing our house in prefinished Hardieplank siding. The stuff is great, and it’s so satisfying to put up the siding and [...]

Little Adults

Henry is 6 today. It’s so strange to look at your kid, your little kid, who was just a baby the other day, and to see the adult that he’ll become. A huge part of me can’t even grasp the concept, but I’m also wildly curious, and can’t stop myself from looking at them to [...]

Children’s Books of the Week: D.B. Johnson’s Henry books

Henry Hikes to Fitchburg Henry Builds a Cabin Henry Works Henry Climbs a Mountain written and illustrated by D.B. Johnson Oh oh oh how we love these books. I got them initially with a vague notion of teaching Henry about Henry David Thoreau, and also because, well, they’re both named Henry. These books are genius. [...]

Literally falling asleep

As we all know, Eli has a history of going full bore until he suddenly, and often dramatically, falls asleep. This was his latest. I didn’t see it happen, but it looked like he was standing near the couch, and then just sort of pitched forward into slumber. But really, wouldn’t you be tired if [...]

Taking a Break

I’m taking a break from the cyber madness. You know, we lost six weeks (more?) this summer to rain, and that sort of set me on the wrong path for how I wanted to be a summer parent (though, truthfully, I was already headed down that path). I wanted to have a schedule — albeit [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: Weslandia

Weslandia by Paul Fleischman, illustrated by Kevin Hawkes It’s probably a mistake to read this book in mid-August, because it will make your kid feel like they’ve been squandering their summer. No matter. Read it anyway, it’s worth it. Weslandia is about a smart boy named Wes who is shunned in his town of follow-any-leader [...]

Little Mr. Smartypants

Eli’s question of the day: “So, Mommy, we’re diurnal, right?” addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Little+Mr.+Smartypants’; addthis_pub = ”;

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