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Summer Jar: Bus to Portland

One day the Summer Jar told us to take the bus to Portland, and it was really very typical of many Summer Jar activities, in that it gave us something to do, but that something was kind of random, and somehow we managed to find serendipitous things along the way. Waiting for the bus. The [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney Has someone given Jerry Pinkney a medal yet? Could they please just give him some kind of big enormous prize? (Oh, ok, it looks like he has gotten a bunch of awards. Alright then.) Seriously, every single book of his is so incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring that [...]

Brotherly help

Zuzu is so close to walking. In the meantime, she likes having people help her. Those of you with only one or two kids: this is why you have three. So that the older two can help the baby walk around the house, and you can spend your time doing important things, like hiding in [...]

Big Camping Trip

One of the big things we did during the time I was off the computer was go camping at some state parks in Maine, in our new pop-up. The kids had maybe the best time ever, but Dave and I slept maybe an hour each night (or so it seemed). With everyone all on top [...]

Who’s Richard Stans?

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Children’s Book of the Week: Elfwyn’s Saga

Elfwyn’s Saga written and illustrated by David Wisniewski We get this book out of the library every few months, and I’m not sure I can say exactly why we find it so compelling. Part of it is the lush and amazingly intricate cut-paper illustrations, but I think we all love those stories that sound like [...]

First Day of School

Yeah, well, we’ve got the daily schedule for regular days, but the first day of school apparently needs a little extra psyching up. Last year Henry chose to do this: And this year it was this: addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘First+Day+of+School’; addthis_pub = ”;

One Year

Hey, I almost missed it! One year ago, I posted my first post on my WordPress blog. And 377 posts later, here we are (though let’s not forget the many places you can get lost in the original World of Julie site). To celebrate the occasion, I got a haircut: Ok, not really. I got [...]

Portland is for Foodies

Not only does the dining section in today’s New York Times have a big article about Portland, but all the photos are from our very own Stacey! There’s a drool-worthy slideshow too. Yay, Stacey! addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Portland+is+for+Foodies’; addthis_pub = ”;

Daily Checklist: Living a Methodical Life

As promised, here’s what I’ve been doing to try to get myself going down the road to Happy Julie Life Land. As part of living life more methodically, I came up with four things I wanted to do every day: exercise, write, clean the house (or some part of it) and a general category I’m [...]

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