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My very own birthday CD

Every year (since Eli turned 1, at least), I make the boys a CD on their birthdays. It has all their favorite songs of the year, plus bits of them singing or telling jokes or just babbling. A few weeks ago I realized I had amassed a bunch of free downloads that I loved or [...]

Easter Eggs

We branched out a bit in our Easter egg designs this year. Rather than doing our usual rubber band designs, we got all inspired by this month’s Martha Stewart magazine and used electrical tape to make patterns (ok, Martha really mostly says to buy some kind of craft-store adhesive vinyl, but it was clear it [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: Silent Letters Loud and Clear

Silent Letters Loud and Clear by Robin Pulver, illustrated by Lynn Rowe Reed Let me start out by confessing that I don’t love this book. It just seems alright to me, and like maybe it’s trying too hard to be quirky, and like it’s illustrated by the poor man’s Laurie Keller. But boy oh boy [...]

Your Weekly Zuzu

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Real Simple Bathroom Cleaning Method

A month or two ago, Real Simple published a guide on how to clean your bathroom in five minutes. It’s a handy little check-off list (in my head I read that as a Chekhov list, which is something else entirely). Now, I have some major problems with some parts of the list (namely, the use [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: A Year at a Construction Site, on a Pirate Ship, in the World of Dinosaurs

A Year at a Construction Site, A Year on a Pirate Ship, A Year in the World of Dinosaurs by Nicholas Harris, Elizabeth Havercroft I’d never heard of this series (the “Time Goes By” series) until a few weeks ago, when we picked up A Year at a Construction Site from the library. Now we [...]

On putting myself closer to the top of the list

So, yesterday you may have noticed Eli’s nice little cozy bed. It’s in what is currently our newly-redone attic. Dave spent months finishing our attic (best part: super-insulating the roof-line, which made such an enormous difference I can’t even tell you). This room is a masterpiece. It’s gorgeous (for some reason I can’t find a [...]

70s Craft Revival: God’s Eye Weaving

A few Sundays ago, Henry suddenly looked up from his close examination of my childhood copy of Steven Caney’s Playbook and announced, “I want to try God’s Eye weaving.” Well, he was just lucky enough to catch me in a good mood, and to want to do a craft we had all the supplies for [...]

Random Product Endorsement: Frigoverre Glass Containers

Ok, so a few months ago Real Simple did an organizing thing on some woman whose fridge was a disaster. (I think I only know two people whose refrigerators aren’t disasters.) (I’m not one of them.) The article recommended getting Frigoverre round glass containers to hold produce that you wash and cut up when you [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: 1 Zany Zoo

1 Zany Zoo by Lori Degman, illustrated by Colin Jack We got this book in our box of Cheerios. Lori Degman won some first-time-author, get-your-book-in-a-box-of-Cheerios contest, and here is the result. I feel kind of fancy and in-the-know reviewing a book that hasn’t been released yet (this has also apparently made me addicted to hyphens), [...]

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