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We Love Our Firefighters

So. Here is the formula for the Best Day Ever, according to Eli. First, we had a completely normal day. Then, at bedtime, I sent the kids upstairs to get in their pajamas while I cleaned up the dinner dishes. Everyone but Henry ignored me. Henry came downstairs a minute later and said, with only [...]


Here’s Zuzu, in response to “how old are you?” I’m also posting this video so you can all think, “Oh, at least my house isn’t as messy as hers.” addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ’5-68-99-H’; addthis_pub = ”;

Review on Brain Burps About Books: Bailey

Hey all! I’m on Katie Davis’s podcast this week, reviewing Bailey by Harry Bliss, the story of a dog who goes to school (regular people school, not dog school).  Check it out! Katie is interviewing the founder of the charity Milk and Bookies. You can check out info on this podcast episode by clicking here, [...]

Sewing School

This, my friends, is what homeschool is about for me. I can pick an activity that interests us all — learning to sew — and we can spend days and days figuring it out. We got this great book called Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make by Amie Plumley and Andria [...]

It’s all about the nod

There is something so, so cute to me about pre-verbal toddler nods and head shakes. They’re so excited, so happy: “I can tell you what I mean! I can say yes to milk, and no to socks!” I wanted to get a video of a Ramona nod before the opportunity passed me by and she [...]

Street Jam

You have to love your neighborhood when you look out the window to see your neighbor and his dad playing guitars and singing on the street (“It’s something we wanted to do, and we thought we’d better try it out here first.”) They Pied Pipered the neighborhood kids around them, and Eli happily joined in [...]

Recommendation: Barefoot Books Podcast

This is sort of a Children’s Book of the Week post. It’s high time I recommended the Barefoot Books podcast on here, because it’s such a lifesaver for us. You probably know the publisher Barefoot Books — they do a lot of folk tales and fairy tales, all very good. Well, they have a podcast [...]

Random Product Endorsements: Gadgety Timers

I find, when parenting, that a lot of kerfuffle can be avoided if you foist limits and rule setting onto someone or something else entirely. I especially like to foist the responsibility onto battery-operated gadgets. Then I can say, “Don’t blame me! The clock says it’s time to go!” Here are some things that work [...]

Review up on Brain Burps today!

Check out my review of What Animals Really Like by Fiona Robinson. It’s one of my favorite picture books this year. You’ll love it. You can see more about the podcast here on Katie’s site, and you can download the episode directly by clicking here. Go to it! Katie interviews Leonard Marcus, who has annotated [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier Oh my god oh my god oh my god! This book has made me into such a teenager, gushing with emotion and completely inarticulate in wonder. And not, mind you, because it’s a teenybopper fantasy of any kind, but more because I’m such an unabashed book [...]

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