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New Review on Brain Burps: The Obstinate Pen

Don’t you love it already? A book called The Obstinate Pen? Will you love it even more when I tell you that, because of this book, Henry and Eli now insult each other by saying, “You’re a yam-headed organ grinder!”? I would like to start some petition that 62% of the children’s books published every [...]

Reading is Magic

I’ve always loved reading. This isn’t a surprise, really. Not a big revelation to you all. It’s sort of like saying, “Breathing is awesome.” But I never realized just how awesome breathing reading really is until I had kids. Now, sure, I spent entire weekends reading when I was a kid. But there’s something about [...]

Latest Innovations in our Household

Remember how I started drinking coffee? And how suddenly I became productive? I know you want to see what exactly all that coffee has led to. Here are three things, in order of how much coffee it took to complete them. 1. (1 cup of coffee) Who knew it was this simple? For years I’ve [...]

Happy Birthday, Zuzu!

Today we fete Zuzu, who is now 4 (and also celebrate this fun brief time when, until August, we have kids who are 2, 4, 6, and 8 years old). We are making cherry cupcakes today, since apparently cherry cupcakes mean birthday. For her birthday dinner she requested: meatballs broccoli, for the people who want [...]

Chalkboard Labels on Jars

Sometimes, when life gets completely messy or disheveled, I just need to take one thing, one small thing, and organize it. We had a big fruit-and-nut area that tended to be a mess of Trader Joe’s bags clamped shut with clips. I spent 20 minutes one day putting everything in jars. And then I remembered [...]

Coffee: A New Way to be Not Tired!

Yeah! So! Yeah! Let’s review the past 9 years! December 2002: I get pregnant. Give up coffee like the books scared me into doing (also, was barfing too much to ingest much of anything). January 2003: Dave tells me, in the nicest way possible, that I am much less bitchy without caffeine. 2003: Henry is [...]


Last week we finished up our year at our homeschool co-op. One of the best parts was that Eli got to be in a drama class that lasted the whole year. He took to the stage like nobody’s business. They worked so hard on their year-end plays. Here’s Eli before going on as the Traveler [...]

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