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Super cute alert: Kimochis

Kimochis are so adorable I want to squeeze the bejeebers out of all of them. Including the books (it is totally ok to hug a book). Which I think makes me Huggtopus, the octopus who sometimes gets a little overexuberant with her enthusiastic hugging. Kimochis are cute little dolls with feelings, and there are picture [...]

Review on Brain Burps: And Then It’s Spring

Oh boy, this is a good book. Which you’ll figure out after hearing my near-rapturous review. This book manages to pull together sweet-sad poetry and humor in just a few words, and the words are perfectly matched with Erin Stead’s illustrations. What I didn’t mention in my review is that the first few times we [...]


In a flurry, rushing to get things done, always rushed, I stepped out of the shed carrying boxes of camping food and SNAP! (BAM? WHOOTZ? some kind of comic book sound for sure) my knee buckled and camping food went everywhere (flying marshmallows!) and I was in the dirt, helpless. Good thing I have all [...]

The Little Free Library is a week old

First I want to tell you about how happy I still am about our Little Free Library. You know, you have this idea in your head, and it seems like a great idea, and then you make your idea, and put it out there, and then there’s that panic, the feeling that maybe it was [...]

Little Free Library

Do you know about Little Free Library? The first time I heard about it, I had an immediate dream to have a Little Free Library of my own. The problem is that we have a house we’re constantly tearing apart, and four kids hanging from us needing some sort of parenting, and all those other [...]


Today, I am grateful for Ramona’s ponytails. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Ringlets’; addthis_pub = ”;

Children’s Book of the Week: The Scary Places Map Book

I feel like I need a new category for reviews: Books that Are Keeping Henry Unbelievably Occupied, But I Don’t Really Know What They Are. In that category I’d put The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat and Do Not Open and Fantasy: An Artist’s Realm. And now this book: The Scary Places Map Book: [...]

New review: A Strange Place to Call Home

New review today! Check out the Brain Burps About Books podcast to hear all about how the first time I read A Strange Place to Call Home by Marilyn Singer and Ed Young, I had no idea what to do with it. And then how I looked at how much Henry was loving it, just [...]

Henry and Eli make a video

So, what do you get when you add two Star-Wars-obsessed kids, Legos, and a video camera? This. (Also: I feel the need to mention that they haven’t actually seen any of the Star Wars movies. So this is their version of Star Wars via, you know, book learnin’.) addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Henry+and+Eli+make+a+video’; addthis_pub [...]


Today I am grateful for neighbors who say, “The blueberries are ripe. Come and pick whenever you can.” I see a cobbler in my future. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Blueberries’; addthis_pub = ”;

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