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The Church of Henryism

Yeah so it’s totally normal for your 8-year-old to decide to start his own religion, right? (And it’s also normal for him to randomly choose ideas that sound good to him from all the world’s religions?)

I cannot tell you how much I love finding lists like this strewn about the house. Can you read it? It says:

1. Let there be world peace

2. Let there be equality among men and women

3. Ego’s cause suffering

4. being kind ends suffering

5. the bible proves faith

6. Do not drink or smoke

7. belive the bible

8. You are born with 3 things: your body, your beleif and your soul

We’re still waiting for the services to start. Although I think we’ve all been attending the Church of Henry for years now, without even knowing it.


9 Responses to “The Church of Henryism”

  1. 1

    Remind me again – how old is Henry? 35? Amazing. And true!

  2. 2

    Oh I wish I could find the one Grace wrote this week. After watching “Shark Tank” entrepreneurs pitch their ‘end of life pre-planning services,’ Grace designed her ideal tombstone (shaped of a dog) and wrote out the disposition of her assets (about $7 at present plus a few Webkinz). Hysterical!

  3. 3

    Cathy, that’s hilarious!

  4. 4
    Lisa van O:

    Wow. That is truly awesome. You now have your answer to this: “Sure, they’re learning to get along. But are they learning anything?”. Hell yes…and then some.

    I am thinking that number 7 is a hope that the Bible will be performed live.

  5. 5

    Lisa, totally laughed out loud at your interpretation to #7. Can I count on you as director? Some kind of Hedwig’s Technicolor Godspell at Pooh Corner?

  6. 6
    Julie Hedlund:

    Can you let ME know when services begin? This sounds like a religion I could get behind. :-)

  7. 7
    Nancy Fairweather:

    Henry sounds like he’s been talking to God without the ‘benefit’ (sarcasm font) of adult religious interpreters. :D <3
    Love God, serve others. Give thanks always. It's all there in the Bible.
    Good job, Julie

  8. 8

    I’ve got a whole stack of Buddhism books next to my bed. Those seem to have some heavy influence as well.

    And I’m glad he’s not smoking or drinking.

  9. 9
    Tara Lazar:

    I read that as “Eggos cause suffering.” As in someone won’t leggo of his Eggo, so he suffers. LOL.

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