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Plunder the Influence

Hi all! Make sure you check out my awesome neighbor Adriane‘s contribution to the new show, The Storytellers, at the Glickman library. If you’re not in Portland (and even if you are), explore the blog for her project, Plunder the Influence. She asked all kinds of people in her life to submit photos of their [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: Ancient Egypt Drawing Book

Ancient Egypt Drawing Book by Ralph Masiello Henry is all about Egypt these days, and I’m all about getting Henry to focus more and put more detail into his drawings, so this book happily satisfies both of us. There are all the classic Egypt icons — pyramids, eye of Horus, Egyptian gods — as well [...]

The Leprechaun’s Walk

Once again, the Let’s Explore Blog came through with a great activity! Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, Amy offers up a free downloadable book called “The Leprechaun’s Walk.” You print it out, and then your kids fill out where the leprechaun walks to (“over the ________________, around the ______________” etc.) and draw accompanying [...]

Photo drawings

Inspired by an ancient kid craft book from my own childhood, Henry begged me for days to take photos so he could make them into photo drawings. I finally had a minute to take a bunch of photos and print them out, and it was totally worth it. While he didn’t make anything amazing, he [...]

Zoo Maps

And yet again the Let’s Explore blog provided us with a fantabulous activity: creating zoo maps. You print out some zoo maps, and have your children use them as inspiration to create their very own zoo. I printed out the zoo maps she recommended, explained the basic concept to the boys, and let them go. [...]

My secret agreement with the UPS man

So this is the kind of parent I’ve become: I notice that the giant box of diapers has come from, and I carefully herd the children upstairs to bed so that they don’t see it. Then I fall asleep while putting Zuzu to bed, but manage to drag myself up so that I can [...]

Is the Portland Museum of Art intentionally anti-family?

Thursday the summer jar told us to go to the Portland Museum of Art. I’d put it in the jar because I haven’t been in a few years, and I wanted the kids to see all that art right there in our own town, I thought it might be inspiring, and I thought it might [...]

Summer jar so far

I’m sure you’re all desperate to know what’s been happening with our summer jar since we started it a little over a week ago. I will say that it’s odd how anxious I get each morning when we pull that day’s activity. But so far all has been great. Day 1 we picked “Visit an [...]

Backyard aquarium

Henry has been learning about the ocean in school, and he is completely running with it, so to speak. He has been drawing and cutting out dozens of different ocean creatures, and telling us facts about each one. He drew a complex chart of the life cycle of a coral colony and brought it to [...]

Etsy: Milimbo

Small Magazine had a quick bit on Milimbo, who makes graphically simple and very beautiful children’s books and prints. I don’t know if Milimbo is a man or a woman (or a collective), but they are based in Spain. The children’s books are wordless versions of common stories (so there’s no language barrier), like Little [...]

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