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Torn ACL Leads to Uncute Fashion Choices, Public School

As you know, I hurt my knee a few weeks ago. ┬áIt turns out I tore my ACL, which is a common injury among athletes, apparently. Also a common injury among dogs, according to Brook Gideon. I am neither a dog nor what one might call an athlete (although I’m super athletic in my head). [...]

Forty = fancy

Today, friends, I am forty years old. Hurrah! A birthday, and so: Why not dress up? I mainly blame the subscription to Lucky that Sutswana somehow got, and which she passes on to me. It makes me want to be just slightly more chic. You’d think it would also make me want to wear wedge [...]

I’m ten minutes away from legwarmers

Ok: I hate being pregnant. I know there are some women who get all ecstatic and rejuvenated and glowy, but that’s not me. I’m not glowy. I’m ashen and sullen and there’s a permanent crease between my eyebrows. I hate being sick, that’s for sure, but that ends (as it has, thank you), and I [...]

Recent Goodwill Scores

A few weeks ago I went into Goodwill looking for capri pants, since my only capri pants were sad and stained (well, ok, one pair was sad and stained, and the other pair fits fine if I’m standing but if I do something as daring as sitting or, heaven forbid, squatting, I show the entire [...]

Try on everything in your closet

I was completely inspired by Michelle Slatalla’s recent column about cleaning out her closet. The idea is to try on every single item in your closet, get rid of things that don’t look good, and then I guess reconsider everything that does look good, so that you think about wearing that fancy velvet blazer with [...]

Salt Marsh

Why do I always forget about the Scarborough Marsh? It’s close, beautiful, and theoretically an easy walk for the kids. Plus Henry voted for A Day in the Salt Marsh as the Chickadee Award winner, so he was all full of salt marsh facts, which made him happy. And he spied and correctly identified a [...]

It’s nice when the kids dress themselves

…but sometimes they come downstairs looking like one of the Village People. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘It%26%238217%3Bs+nice+when+the+kids+dress+themselves’; addthis_pub = ”;

Clutter Update

After my Goodwill haul on Monday, I did a thorough combing of the baby bins and took two huge bags of boy clothes to the 16-month-old across the street, and another big bag of clothes that would be too small for him went to Goodwill. I added a bit more to the bag of special [...]

Fitness Update

So I think I’m doing something more like the 60 Day Shred rather than the 30 Day Shred, but I’m doing it. This weekend I inexplicably decided to move up to Level Two, mostly out of curiosity. I’m glad I did. Don’t get me wrong — Level Two is hard — but I realize I [...]

Wearable Art Show this Saturday

For those of you in Southern Maine, check out the Wearable Art show this Saturday at Rise Gallery at 864 Broadway in South Portland. My entire inventory of shirts (sizes from babies to adults) will be there, and there are some really amazing one-of-a-kind clothes and jewelry as well. When I was dropping things off [...]

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