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Meringue ghosties

So we have a Halloween dessert potluck at our homeschool co-op tomorrow. I had planned on making owl cookies, but it turned out we were out of butter (what? shocking, I know! I always assume that I have several pounds of butter in the freezer). “Let’s just make meringues,” I said. Mostly thinking that cookies [...]

Well, phew!

Magical words spoken by the allergist this week: “You know, I don’t think she’s actually allergic to any of these foods. I’m not even going to give her a skin test. I think it was just eczema. You can feed her whatever you want to.” Hurray! Let’s make peanut butter cookies! Um, after we finish [...]

Our Go-To Cookies: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

While we do certainly make a lot of cookies here, and we try to go for variety, if we’re wanting some cookies now, we make these chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. They were originally from an “Everyday Food” magazine, I think. My mom gave me the recipe. I can’t find it online. Here’s what I [...]

Signs of the Times

Cookie baking aftermath: About to watch “Charlie Brown Christmas”: addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Signs+of+the+Times’; addthis_pub = ”;

Gourmet homemade Thin Mints

Let me just take a super quick break from my giant research paper to report some important cookie news. I picked up a bag of Limited Edition Nestle Tollhouse Dark Chocolate and Mint Morsels (I got them at Target), and I’m here to report to you that the cookie recipe on the back of the [...]

Hello, chocolate black pepper cookies!

These are my new favorite Birthday Present cookies (based solely on the fact that I’ve given them to both Scott and Stacey on their birthdays). Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Black Pepper Cookies: YUM. Dark cocoa, espresso powder, black pepper in the dough and then a sprinkle on each cookie, and crunchy turbinado sugar along the edge. [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: All in Just One Cookie

All in Just One Cookie by Susan E. Goodman, illustrated by Timothy Bush This is the book I’ve been looking for! At the beginning of the summer, when I was assembling the Summer Jar, I had the idea of doing things like baking cookies, but learning while we did it, mostly learning about food chemistry [...]

Is the Portland Museum of Art intentionally anti-family?

Thursday the summer jar told us to go to the Portland Museum of Art. I’d put it in the jar because I haven’t been in a few years, and I wanted the kids to see all that art right there in our own town, I thought it might be inspiring, and I thought it might [...]

Whoopie Pies for a Soggy Solstice

What better time to try a new cookie than at a solstice party (even if it was the zillionth rainy day in a row)? (Ok, I realize that this is yet again just a ridiculous justification for cookie baking.) We were going to Marcus and Lisa‘s for a solstice party, and I’d promised to bring [...]

Big Soft Ginger Cookies

The other day Eli and I were hankering for some kind of ginger, some kind of molasses (translation: we were out of chocolate chips), and out of the depths of my recipe file I pulled a recipe for Big Soft Ginger Cookies. The recipe is copied from something my mom had, and I know we [...]

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