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Chalkboard Labels on Jars

Sometimes, when life gets completely messy or disheveled, I just need to take one thing, one small thing, and organize it. We had a big fruit-and-nut area that tended to be a mess of Trader Joe’s bags clamped shut with clips. I spent 20 minutes one day putting everything in jars. And then I remembered [...]

Sewing School

This, my friends, is what homeschool is about for me. I can pick an activity that interests us all — learning to sew — and we can spend days and days figuring it out. We got this great book called Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make by Amie Plumley and Andria [...]

70s Craft Revival: God’s Eye Weaving

A few Sundays ago, Henry suddenly looked up from his close examination of my childhood copy of Steven Caney’s Playbook and announced, “I want to try God’s Eye weaving.” Well, he was just lucky enough to catch me in a good mood, and to want to do a craft we had all the supplies for [...]

Multicolored crayon blocks

Another summer jar activity: make multicolored crayon blocks out of runty crayon remnants. I saw it in Scholastic magazine. You all should do this today; it took no time at all and the kids thought it was magic. First take all your little stupid crayon bits, and put them in a muffin tin. Oh, no [...]

Knitting finally calls me back with its siren song

Our library had a “learn to knit” program last week, and Henry got it into his head that he wanted to go. Though it is possible that I made it sound extra enticing. It’s been years since I’ve knit, and it used to be a daily occurrence (I even made up a pattern once and [...]

Camp Jar

I am completely drooling over the Family Summer Center featured on Craft. The basic idea is to have a family camp of sorts, and to plan out your summer activities. I love the organization and the planning, plus the beautiful crafty calendar center. The thing is, though, I totally don’t have time to put something [...]

How to Craft Mini Wreaths from Junk You’ve Got Lying Around the House

I really like having a wreath on the front door at Christmastime. But am I the only one who finds it doesn’t work so well in practice? It always seemed like it was banging all over the place and that I would get impromptu cornea surgery via pine needle whenever I tried to come in [...]

Anatomy of a Craft on World of Julie

1. Read a post at Maya Made telling me to save toilet paper tubes for some sort of advent calendar project. While waiting for her to announce what her project is, I come up with what I think it will be. 2. Maya reveals her project, which is not what I imagined. (Predictably, it’s a [...]

Just doing the normal boring quintessential crafts here at World of Julie

Sometimes I get fixated on some kid craft that I feel like we have to do, or we’re not properly celebrating the season or whatever. Last year it was a gingerbread house (stay tuned next month, I’m sure another one is in the works, against my better judgment), this year it was peanut butter birdseed [...]

Let’s Try Living in the Moment

Yesterday I was feeling guilty that I’m not doing things like making spider webs with the kids, or fun tree art, or even educational word rings. And suddenly it hit me, why the hell am I not doing these things? Of course I want to be a mom who does fun crafts with her kids. [...]

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