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Eli Turns 8 (with accompanying soundtrack)

This guy is 8 now. He likes to say he’s part Bigfoot. Which he might be. Since his feet are bigger than mine. It’s been a few years since we’ve done a birthday mix, but Eli had enough songs he’s obsessed with right now to fill an hour. Need a snapshot into the brain of [...]

Eli’s secret book box

So the other morning I woke up to find Eli at the dining room table hacking away at The Complete Works of William Shakespeare with a razorblade. I think I passed out. Around the time I got up off the floor, he’d abandoned the Shakespeare (“these pages are too old”) and moved on to The [...]

Fart Brain

“Eli, who’s that for?” “I haven’t decided yet. But I have some pretty good ideas.” addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Fart+Brain’; addthis_pub = ”;

Henry and Eli make a video

So, what do you get when you add two Star-Wars-obsessed kids, Legos, and a video camera? This. (Also: I feel the need to mention that they haven’t actually seen any of the Star Wars movies. So this is their version of Star Wars via, you know, book learnin’.) addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Henry+and+Eli+make+a+video’; addthis_pub [...]


Last week we finished up our year at our homeschool co-op. One of the best parts was that Eli got to be in a drama class that lasted the whole year. He took to the stage like nobody’s business. They worked so hard on their year-end plays. Here’s Eli before going on as the Traveler [...]

High Fashionable

Driving in the car. Eli (age 5): Henry, you know what I don’t get about grown-ups? How come grown-ups are so hi[mumble]. Julie: What? How come grown-ups are so hyper? Eli: No. How come grown-ups are so high fashionable? Dave: What? Julie: You mean like me and Dave? We’re so high fashionable? Eli: No, I [...]

We Love Our Firefighters

So. Here is the formula for the Best Day Ever, according to Eli. First, we had a completely normal day. Then, at bedtime, I sent the kids upstairs to get in their pajamas while I cleaned up the dinner dishes. Everyone but Henry ignored me. Henry came downstairs a minute later and said, with only [...]

Street Jam

You have to love your neighborhood when you look out the window to see your neighbor and his dad playing guitars and singing on the street (“It’s something we wanted to do, and we thought we’d better try it out here first.”) They Pied Pipered the neighborhood kids around them, and Eli happily joined in [...]


You know, I just don’t get it when our kids act like we’re the meanest parents on earth. Like we’re such horrible monsters for making them clean up their messes, or for not biting or hitting each other. Now, at least, when the boys act up, I’m going to pull this out: “Hey, remember when [...]


Oops. In all my excitement over homeschooling, I completely forgot to give the children haircuts. (We fixed that yesterday.) addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Hair’; addthis_pub = ”;

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