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Daily Checklist: Living a Methodical Life

As promised, here’s what I’ve been doing to try to get myself going down the road to Happy Julie Life Land. As part of living life more methodically, I came up with four things I wanted to do every day: exercise, write, clean the house (or some part of it) and a general category I’m [...]

So maybe you only have 8 minutes

My summer exercise program usually consists of trying to get outside for a walk, or, on days when the planets align, a run. Since it has rained every day in June (and we’re almost at July), I’ve been forced to continue my winter exercise routine of workout videos, mostly the 30 Day Shred. But you [...]

That’s ok, honey, I kind of hated it too

Today I was walking back home along the Greenbelt, with Zuzu in the stroller and Eli walking next to me looking at everything through a pair of old binoculars we’d just scored from Goodwill. A woman came toward us who had both her dog and her kid on leashes, and she suddenly started up a [...]

Self Challenge: I’m doing it, kinda sorta

So the Self Challenge has started, and I’m mostly just paying attention to it, but not really doing it. It somehow seems like way too much work, keeping meticulous track of calories in and calories out. I’m doing a kind of free-form version of it, which is to work out every day, and to establish [...]

Body + Soul Challenge, Last Day

Ok, so now is the time for me to confess that I kind of blew off the last two weeks of the Body + Soul Challenge. It’s not that I don’t need mindfulness and stress relief and energizing, it’s just more that the more important part of it for me is losing baby weight and [...]

Body + Soul Challenge: Day 23

Right now we’ve got giant snow mountains everywhere (outside, that is, my house hasn’t gotten so bad that we have mountains of snow inside, yet). It seems to be physically impossible for Henry to walk on the ground. He needs to climb the snow mountains and navigate his way to school from as great a [...]

Body + Soul Challenge, Day 10

Well, the thing that has become most abundantly clear from this Body + Soul Challenge thing is that I am addicted to chocolate. I think there was one day where I didn’t have any chocolate. And although I started the Challenge by having one square of chocolate per day, I’ve upped that a bit in [...]

Body + Soul Challenge, Day Three

Here I am on day three of the Body + Soul Challenge, and I am already not keeping up with the writing requirements (but also not letting myself feel too guilty about it). Really, the biggest thing about this for me is eating better and exercising again. I think I actually eat ok, but I [...]

Body + Soul Challenge

Yeah, so I’ve been feeling a little leaden lately. And kind of annoyed by the over-the-jeans bloopage. I know I only had a baby six months ago, but right about now I get frustrated by my regular clothes not quite fitting right, and feel like it’s time for Action to be Taken. So I am [...]

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