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Boxing Day

This just in: I have decided that Boxing Day is my favorite holiday. Not because I give gifts to the servants. I…have no servants. Not like the rest of you. And it’s also not my favorite holiday because of the great Elvis Costello song, which goes through my head every time I spell my last [...]

Easter Eggs

We branched out a bit in our Easter egg designs this year. Rather than doing our usual rubber band designs, we got all inspired by this month’s Martha Stewart magazine and used electrical tape to make patterns (ok, Martha really mostly says to buy some kind of craft-store adhesive vinyl, but it was clear it [...]

Free Valentines!

I get so sick of the Valentine thing every year. I mean, I really don’t care about it. I know Dave loves me and he knows I love him. I don’t want to spend our money on some bouquet of flowers just because Hallmark tells us to. (Though I’m always happy for an excuse for [...]

Because you always wanted to know

According to Dave’s mom, today is called Christmas Adam (because Adam comes before Eve). Now that you know this, you’ll find you can use this term all the time. Because, really, all sorts of holiday events often happen on Christmas Adam. I have incorporated this term into my lexicon for so many years I forgot [...]

Signs of the Times

Cookie baking aftermath: About to watch “Charlie Brown Christmas”: addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Signs+of+the+Times’; addthis_pub = ”;

Christmas Presents I’m Most Excited About

Here’s what I’m excited to see the kids open in a week: I got Zuzu this Penelope Peapod doll, and I have to say it’s adorable. I have been on the fence about getting her a doll; she’s pretty into trucks and things, but she does love to cuddle with stuffed animals like they’re little [...]

Children’s Book of the Week: Christmas Books

Every year we get the same Christmas books from the library, and I love that they’ve become such a part of our holiday ritual. We do have some Christmas books of our own that get year-round use (Mary Engelbreit’s The Night Before Christmas, The Polar Express, Mortimer’s Christmas Manger, and The Nativity) though I’m considering [...]

Christmas countdown meltdown

I should know better than to try to run an errand after school. I took the kids to Broadway Gardens to get paperwhite bulbs at around 4:00, which involved 1. Eli almost peeing his pants 2. Henry disappearing while Eli was peeing in employee bathroom. 3. Finding Henry, and then losing Zuzu as she kept [...]

Pre-Thanksgiving Bounty

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Why do I let myself get all worked up about stupid Halloween costumes? This year Eli wanted to be a crossing guard, and I scoured the internet until I found just the thing (which is, in fact, a real crossing guard outfit, since it turns out no other child in the history of Halloween has [...]

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