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First Day of School

Yeah, well, we’ve got the daily schedule for regular days, but the first day of school apparently needs a little extra psyching up. Last year Henry chose to do this: And this year it was this: addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘First+Day+of+School’; addthis_pub = ”;

Perfect Picnic

Today is Henry’s last day of kindergarten. I’m really looking forward to having him home again, to having long leisurely days, and to having him have time to do all the elaborate art projects in his head (and to work on our summer jar, of course). And to more days like the day a few [...]

Backyard aquarium

Henry has been learning about the ocean in school, and he is completely running with it, so to speak. He has been drawing and cutting out dozens of different ocean creatures, and telling us facts about each one. He drew a complex chart of the life cycle of a coral colony and brought it to [...]


Sometimes I pull things out of Henry’s backpack, and I just have no idea what the backstory is. This says “I can run and juggle at the same time” (or, actually: “I can ran and jagl at the sam tim”) which took me a while to decipher before I noticed the helpful visual aid. What [...]

Easter, despite my best intentions

I should have known I was in trouble in early April, when Henry was showing Eli the calendar, and saying, “See, this is the 12th, and that’s Easter, and that’s the day that…” “That’s the day that what?” I said. Henry said, “You know!” I told him that I did not know. “You know, the [...]

Bah Valentine!

There was a brilliant post written last night about this, which has seemingly disappeared. Will try to recreate now. Hang on, everyone. I don’t particularly like Valentine’s Day. It seems like it’s a holiday designed to make you feel bad. Either you feel bad because you don’t have a Valentine, or you do have a [...]

Question for teachers about holiday gifts

Hey all you teachers out there: where do you prefer to get gift cards from? Target? Coffee shop? Bookstore? Liquor store? I had good success last year getting the preschool teachers tote bags with Henry’s drawings on them from Cafe Press, but this year I feel like I don’t really want to add to the [...]

Well come on, it’s not like we’re the Collier Brothers or anything.

Henry had homework over Thanksgiving vacation: to decorate a large felt gingerbread man any way that he saw fit. (Because as you know it’s the start of the gingerbread man unit — have you all sent in your postcards?) He drew a very detailed bakery background, glued the gingerbread man on, and glued on raisins [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat and be thankful! I’ll leave you with this kindergarten oddity. It was in Henry’s backpack. His only explanation was to state the obvious: “It’s a turkey, and it says, ‘I survived!’” Was it part of some game? Or just one more activity that is leading to Henry’s eventual vegetarianism? Have a [...]

Henry’s world view

Such a classic five-year-old view: Henry’s the one on the left, the one who is so huge that he is busting out of the box. Dave, who is 6’3″, is on the right. I’m the with long hair and the big nose in the middle. Eli is the short one next to giant Henry (in [...]

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