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Eli Turns 8 (with accompanying soundtrack)

This guy is 8 now. He likes to say he’s part Bigfoot. Which he might be. Since his feet are bigger than mine. It’s been a few years since we’ve done a birthday mix, but Eli had enough songs he’s obsessed with right now to fill an hour. Need a snapshot into the brain of [...]

Henry’s Flute Recital

So it was just about a year ago that I said, “Henry, I really want you to decide on an instrument you like so you can start taking lessons” and he said, “Oh, I already know what I want to play! The harp!” At which point I tried really hard not to burst out laughing, [...]

Street Jam

You have to love your neighborhood when you look out the window to see your neighbor and his dad playing guitars and singing on the street (“It’s something we wanted to do, and we thought we’d better try it out here first.”) They Pied Pipered the neighborhood kids around them, and Eli happily joined in [...]

Thinking about possibly one day acquiring some kind of updated music format

So today I was lamenting how trashed all our kids CDs are (scratched and skipping), but also how much the kids love playing CDs, and how much better it is that they can skip from song to song, versus our minivan situation, which involves me fast forwarding or rewinding through cassette tapes to get to [...]

My very own birthday CD

Every year (since Eli turned 1, at least), I make the boys a CD on their birthdays. It has all their favorite songs of the year, plus bits of them singing or telling jokes or just babbling. A few weeks ago I realized I had amassed a bunch of free downloads that I loved or [...]

Eli is 4! Annotated birthday CD list

Today Eli is finally 4. Three seemed to last forever, I tell you. I can’t believe there’s still another year-and-a-half until he goes to kindergarten. I feel like he’s going to have a full beard by then. He’s been on a bit of a tear lately, pulling the same outrageous behavior he pulled before Christmas. [...]

Happy 90th Birthday, Pete Seeger!

Happy birthday, Pete Seeger! I would just like to personally thank Pete Seeger for creating music that continues to enthrall and enchant my children on a daily basis. We’ve had “The Foolish Frog” on repeat for three years now. And I love that Pete Seeger’s general idea seems to be that if you can get [...]

What’s your theme song?

I’ve read a few things lately that talk about the importance of having a theme song: some song that inspires you and speaks to you and that you can play as a psych-up song if you’re going on a job interview or into some other situation where you need to feel confident. I love this [...]

Eli’s birthday CD, a little late

Every year, since Eli turned one, I’ve done a birthday compilation CD as a party favor. I put on whatever music has been living on repeat during the previous year, and I record the birthday boy doing whatever he is doing at the time (for Henry’s fourth birthday, he told a bunch of knock-knock jokes, [...]

22 Hours in the Car? Piece of Cake!

So last week, while you were all reading up on a week’s worth (more or less) of book recommendations, the five of us at World of Julie were packed into the car and driving down to Maryland and back, to visit Dave’s parents. I have a lot to tell about it, and will probably spend [...]

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