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Latest Innovations in our Household

Remember how I started drinking coffee? And how suddenly I became productive? I know you want to see what exactly all that coffee has led to. Here are three things, in order of how much coffee it took to complete them. 1. (1 cup of coffee) Who knew it was this simple? For years I’ve [...]

Perfect Picnic

Today is Henry’s last day of kindergarten. I’m really looking forward to having him home again, to having long leisurely days, and to having him have time to do all the elaborate art projects in his head (and to work on our summer jar, of course). And to more days like the day a few [...]

Pop culture luddite

Is it wrong of me to encourage Henry when he gets facts about kid culture wrong? Today he was talking about how some of the kids in his class have Wepkin pets, and why don’t we have any Wepkin pets? (For the uninformed, he’s talking about Webkinz, which are these stuffed animals that have a [...]

I should have handed out multivitamins at Halloween.

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t make anything especially fancy-pants for lunches here, mostly since I make them 10 minutes before I go to bed, and I’m worrying much more about the allergy-free ingredients that I’m putting into the lunchboxes and less about what the actual foodstuffs are. But whatever I’m doing, it was enough to [...]

thirty second post

Last week I asked one of the neighborhood posse what he was going to be for Halloween. “A knight,” he said. “Oh, that sounds good!” I said. “Or maybe a gunman,” he said. I told him: “I vote for knight.” Gunman! I mean, really. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘thirty+second+post’; addthis_pub = ”;

The Neighborhood Posse pulls it together

The best use of the neighborhood posse thus far: the other day they raked the leaves in our yard. They had a great time raking them into a pile and jumping into it, and they actually did a fairly fantastic job of clearing the yard. Some ran home to get rakes, some just bent over [...]

I have the key to life, I just left it in the house.

Saturday was a typical day in the neighborhood. We spent the day half-parenting the posse and full-parenting our own kids while trying to finish up one more house project before winter (getting siding on a last little bit of our refurbished back porch). At around 4:00 we decided to go mattress shopping (we’re perpetually mattress [...]

I get the creepy feeling someone’s watching me.

One of the hardest things about parenting is the constant observation. My 30s are really all about me having essentially no idea who I am and trying to figure out who I am, trying to reconcile the 20s me with some imaginary future responsible adult me. Why this coincides with parenthood I have no idea. [...]

Return of the Bad Seed

The Bad Seed is back. Two days ago he was riding his scooter around my driveway (scooter? that’s what those things are called, right? the two-wheeled skateboardy thing with a big handle?) (worst description of an object ever, sorry). I gave him stinkeye the whole time, and Henry very helpfully told him, “I’m not allowed [...]

Brer Rabbits

There is a roving posse of kids in my neighborhood. Most of them are fine, nice kids, though they’re all older than Henry and Eli, so sometimes their play styles don’t quite mesh (see above: “roving posse”). There’s one in particular, though, who is a certified Bad Kid. His older brother broke into a car [...]

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