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Twelve Annoying Things (My) Kids Do

Walk one centimeter behind me. Use markers in a manner which is potentially harmful to the walls and furniture. Fake cry. They think it’s hilarious. “Help” by “refolding” the laundry. I let this one go because I feel like one day it will turn into actual helping by actually folding the laundry, but I can [...]

Too Much Choclate Chips

I’m really trying to work on getting the kids to let me talk on the phone. I know, to them, it’s completely perplexing for me to walk around with a plastic thing held up to my face, shushing them. Still. It’s amazing how they’ll all be completely fine and then the minute I pick up [...]

What Happened When My Computer Caught a Virus (or, a Pioneer Life Thrust Upon Me)

My computer caught a virus a few weeks ago – a nasty one that pretended to be antivirus software, continually opened windows and pop-ups, and which directed any web browsing to discount Taiwanese shopping sites. I turned the computer off once it started loaded some kind of porn onto my desktop. When I took it [...]

On putting myself closer to the top of the list

So, yesterday you may have noticed Eli’s nice little cozy bed. It’s in what is currently our newly-redone attic. Dave spent months finishing our attic (best part: super-insulating the roof-line, which made such an enormous difference I can’t even tell you). This room is a masterpiece. It’s gorgeous (for some reason I can’t find a [...]

My secret agreement with the UPS man

So this is the kind of parent I’ve become: I notice that the giant box of diapers has come from, and I carefully herd the children upstairs to bed so that they don’t see it. Then I fall asleep while putting Zuzu to bed, but manage to drag myself up so that I can [...]

What I Did on My Summer Break

And here’s what I learned on my self-imposed break from blogging, Facebooking, and mindless internetting: Surprisingly, not being on the internet is just as addictive as being on it. Very quickly I began to love the days when I didn’t turn my computer on. I loved doing a 30-second scan of unread posts in Google [...]

All this work and the tips are lousy

It has been a week of me feeling majorly resentful of my children. They are just so needy and that neediness is often accompanied by full-pitch whininess, and I’m sorry, how many years do you have to spend saying, “I can’t understand you when you whine” for them to stop whining? Because really, it’s been [...]

Fun Mom Makes a Rare Appearance

I find that kids think it’s hilarious if you act like an idiot. The other day I was in a pretty good mood, and the boys were on the kitchen counter and wanted cinnamon milk. Cinnamon milk is a drinkable concoction they created that contains — are you ready? — cinnamon and milk. It’s their [...]

More mess, piles of messes, big messes, little messes. Make it stop!

You know it’s bad when you have the urge to stop in the middle of dealing with your children, say, “Wait right here!” and go consult all your parenting self-help books. What exactly was I supposed to do? I hadn’t slept at all the night before, between teething Zuzu and continues-to-scream-out-for-me-every-night Eli. The boys were [...]

That’s a big bowl of oatmeal, son

So sometimes your kid comes up to you with a ridiculous request, like, “I want oatmeal in the biggest bowl we have!” And sometimes you are feeling snippy and you sigh and sort of pretend you didn’t hear and give him oatmeal in a regular bowl. But then sometimes you slept a little more than [...]

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