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Well, phew!

Magical words spoken by the allergist this week: “You know, I don’t think she’s actually allergic to any of these foods. I’m not even going to give her a skin test. I think it was just eczema. You can feed her whatever you want to.” Hurray! Let’s make peanut butter cookies! Um, after we finish [...]

Our Go-To Cookies: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

While we do certainly make a lot of cookies here, and we try to go for variety, if we’re wanting some cookies now, we make these chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. They were originally from an “Everyday Food” magazine, I think. My mom gave me the recipe. I can’t find it online. Here’s what I [...]

Whoopie Pies for a Soggy Solstice

What better time to try a new cookie than at a solstice party (even if it was the zillionth rainy day in a row)? (Ok, I realize that this is yet again just a ridiculous justification for cookie baking.) We were going to Marcus and Lisa‘s for a solstice party, and I’d promised to bring [...]

Zuzu is ONE!

Can you believe it? Wasn’t I just pregnant yesterday? (Let’s take a moment to be so incredibly thankful that I’m not pregnant anymore. There. Ah.) But here she is, a year later, my Flag Day baby, one year old! Really, it does seem like just two seconds ago when I was telling everyone that yes, [...]

The Choconut Banagurt: Eli’s favorite smoothie

This combo has been doing it for Eli lately: one cup milk scoop plain yogurt scoop chunky peanut butter one banana two ice cubes squirt of chocolate syrup I forgive the chocolate syrup because, well, I’m scarfing back the dark chocolate all day long, so I understand him his chocolate needs, but also because it’s [...]

I should have handed out multivitamins at Halloween.

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t make anything especially fancy-pants for lunches here, mostly since I make them 10 minutes before I go to bed, and I’m worrying much more about the allergy-free ingredients that I’m putting into the lunchboxes and less about what the actual foodstuffs are. But whatever I’m doing, it was enough to [...]

Just doing the normal boring quintessential crafts here at World of Julie

Sometimes I get fixated on some kid craft that I feel like we have to do, or we’re not properly celebrating the season or whatever. Last year it was a gingerbread house (stay tuned next month, I’m sure another one is in the works, against my better judgment), this year it was peanut butter birdseed [...]

Whoooooo’s making cookies? (yeah, sorry)

Last week we made the owl cookies from Handmade Detroit (via Craftzine). I am usually not a fan of cookies that call for refrigeration, but in this case it worked out well, because there was some kind of kid meltdown and we ended up making the dough and then not making the cookies for a [...]

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