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Plunder the Influence

Hi all! Make sure you check out my awesome neighbor Adriane‘s contribution to the new show, The Storytellers, at the Glickman library. If you’re not in Portland (and even if you are), explore the blog for her project, Plunder the Influence. She asked all kinds of people in her life to submit photos of their [...]

Drive By Press

A few weeks ago Portland was treated to a visit by the fun guys of Drive By Press, sponsored by MECA. My neighbor alerted us to it, and since I always have about a million blank t-shirts hanging around, I grabbed a bunch and we went on down. It’s very cool: these two guys basically [...]

Summer Jar: Bus to Portland

One day the Summer Jar told us to take the bus to Portland, and it was really very typical of many Summer Jar activities, in that it gave us something to do, but that something was kind of random, and somehow we managed to find serendipitous things along the way. Waiting for the bus. The [...]

Giant Tomato

Henry was so excited to pick out this giant tomato from the “seconds” bin at Olivia’s Organics stall at the farmers’ market.* Little did he know that an over-zealous little sister would nosh on most of it while I was making dinner.** *Henry had been eating cherries, which is why he has red spots all [...]

Math-challenged woman in Monument Square

Remember when the Summer Jar had us cavorting around Portland last week? I had a funny run-in with a woman in Monument Square, which is chronicled on Liz‘s other website, Overheard in Portland. Go read. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Math-challenged+woman+in+Monument+Square’; addthis_pub = ”;

Is the Portland Museum of Art intentionally anti-family?

Thursday the summer jar told us to go to the Portland Museum of Art. I’d put it in the jar because I haven’t been in a few years, and I wanted the kids to see all that art right there in our own town, I thought it might be inspiring, and I thought it might [...]

The Pumpkin Fairy brought me poop.

Yesterday Dave left at noon to go to Ohio for four days (he’s going there because he wants to vote in a swing state) (kidding). When he leaves town it’s usually the best idea for the rest of us to get out of the house so we don’t sit around feeling sorry for ourselves being [...]

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