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Coffee: A New Way to be Not Tired!

Yeah! So! Yeah! Let’s review the past 9 years! December 2002: I get pregnant. Give up coffee like the books scared me into doing (also, was barfing too much to ingest much of anything). January 2003: Dave tells me, in the nicest way possible, that I am much less bitchy without caffeine. 2003: Henry is [...]

Sleepy Bunny to the Rescue

Once upon a time, there was a tired baby. Or a cranky baby. Or whining baby. And she received the gift of a soft, floppy, lavender-filled bunny. And that bunny brought such immediate unmistakable relief to the baby. Something about this bunny, I tell you, resonates deeply with children. Ramona will be crying, and then, [...]

Sweet sleep eludes us

What is Ramona doing these days? What, I ask you? There is something going on, something that is causing me to think in italics and causing her to give up sleeping, pretty much. Why, why was she awake from 9:30 p.m until 1:00 a.m., I ask you? Clapping. She spent the whole time laughing and [...]

Literally falling asleep

As we all know, Eli has a history of going full bore until he suddenly, and often dramatically, falls asleep. This was his latest. I didn’t see it happen, but it looked like he was standing near the couch, and then just sort of pitched forward into slumber. But really, wouldn’t you be tired if [...]

Oh, how I envy this kid

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Children’s Book of the Week: Once Upon a Time, The End

Once Upon a Time, The End (Asleep in 60 Seconds) by Geoffrey Kloske, illustrated by Barry Blitt When I first read this book, I thought it was going to be one of those parental inside jokes that grownups find amusing but kids don’t really care about. It’s the story of a father putting his child [...]

Road trip to Baltimore

Last week we went on a road trip to Baltimore, the details of which I’ll unleash on you this week, with photos, as soon as I download all 3 million of them off of my camera. Dave had to go to a conference, so the rest of us tagged along. The final result being that [...]

Tallying up success

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Oh Nap Fairy, you are a cruel mistress

Another visit from the Nap Fairy today. This time she had even more of a sense of humor. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Oh+Nap+Fairy%2C+you+are+a+cruel+mistress’; addthis_pub = ”;

Delirium sets in

I would love to write something pithy here, but I think I have to take the rest of the week off. First of all, we are still in the horrific aftershocks of whatever Fairpoint thinks it’s playing with this internet thing, but I barely have working email and my internet is ridiculously slow, especially After [...]

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