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Little Free Library in the Snow

I am still so excited about our Little Free Library.┬áIt’s been over four months, and I still sigh contentedly whenever I see it. Plus it’s looking extra festively adorable right now. addthis_url = ‘′; addthis_title = ‘Little+Free+Library+in+the+Snow’; addthis_pub = ”;

Children’s Book of the Week: Yesterday’s Snowman

Yesterday’s Snowman by Gail Mack, illustrated by Erik Blegvad This book gives me hope at the end of winter, of a time when you might build a snowman and then it would melt away to nothing by the next morning, and you would see brown grass on the ground instead of snow. But this book [...]

Another snow day

We got dumped with another foot (more?) of snow on Sunday. It’s getting to the point where the kids can barely walk through it. I love that Henry plays as much on the playset in the winter as he does in the summer. And Eli can shovel all day long (which is actually really helpful). [...]

Snow. That’s why we live in Maine.

We’ve had some wonderful blissful snowfalls lately. The one yesterday morning literally looked like tufts of cotton everywhere, and was just as easy to brush off the cars. Dave took the snow this weekend and used the snowblower to make a mound in the side yard, then the boys piled as much snow as they [...]

First snow of the season

We got our first snow on Sunday. Henry continued his habit of speaking like a British kid from 1906 by looking out the window in the morning and shouting, “Hooray! Oh, hooray! Eli! Eli! Oh, it has snowed!” (Eli, later, continued his habit of speaking like a visitor from the country of Randomland by insistently [...]

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