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July 12, 2006. We're doing the reading program at our library this summer, and my two favorite kid books that we've read so far have been The Scrambled States of America and Wool Gathering. I'm getting both for Henry for his birthday (I hope he doesn't learn to read and use the computer in the next five weeks, ruining the surprise). Our most recent library horror story, however, was when Henry decided to draw rather liberally in two library books. To his credit, I had given him a coloring book just before, and encouraged him to draw in it. But we had to go in and confess and they cryptically told us that they would have to discuss the matter with the children's librarian and see what punishment he saw fit. Our punishment was to pay for the books and then...we got to keep them. I had to reread to Henry the first chapter in Beezus and Ramona (in which this very same thing happens, but Beezus works hard to stress that Ramona has been very naughty, so she doesn't think that any time she wants to keep a library book, she can just write in it). Luckily I liked both books (otherwise I probably would have told the library to do something else with them): Bread and Jam for Frances (which we needed to buy anyway, since we've taken it out of the library so many times) and "Could Be Worse!" I think I've done enough booklinks for one post, so I'm done (dinner tonight is the Senegalese dish mafe courtesy of our pals Scott and Stacey).


July 10, 2006. Added some new books to the book club page.

Cooknik has changed my life. I used to spend a lot of time either planning a menu, or going to the grocery store four times a week. Or freaking out at around 3:00 when I realized I had no clue what to make for dinner. No more!

Invested in a double stroller, as it seems the post-pregnancy pounds don't quite melt away the way they did after Henry was born. After what I spent on the thing, I'm motivated to use it more just to get the cost-per-use to go down. Trying to whittle my body down to its pre-pregnancy state is not helped by my rampant carb cravings, my decision that baking cupcakes is Good Parenting, and the fact that breakfast is so much better if we have some of oatmeal maple bread, for toast, from my favorite bread cookbook.

Having two kids instead of one isn't particularly hard, but it is awfully time consuming. I spend a lot of time changing diapers. Often the only time I have to myself all day is when I'm brushing my teeth right before bed. Henry is going to preschool for three days in the fall, so things should open up a bit then, and I can think in my own head again. Though I'll start another library class then, also. Really, I'm finding the hardest thing about parenting is the time it takes up. Also at the same time -- and I don't know if this is being 35 or if it happened when I gave birth -- I want to do all kinds of deep housecleaning that I never would have considered five years ago. So I am wrangling the kids while staring at my countertops from afar and thinking about how great it would be to scour and disinfect them. My goodness, who have I become? I have mommy hips and fantasize about cleaning.








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